Louisiana State-Approved Driver Education

Learning to drive is a major milestone in life. It's important for young or inexperienced drivers to learn safe driving techniques. Our program meets all state requirements for classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Most insurance companies also give a reduction on insurance premiums (approx. 10%) upon successful completion of our program. Even though a discount on your insurance or knowing how to pass the driver's license test are great benefits, the real reason to take our driver ed program is to learn safe driving practices. Our course creates a good foundation for young or inexperienced drivers to develop into confident, safe drivers.

Fast Track Driving Academy provides a driver education program in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and the National Safety Council. Participants must attend all class dates for the full class periods. If seeking a certificate of completion for 30-hours of classroom and 8-hours of driving, participants must complete all eight hours of behind-the-wheel driving. 

Certificates of Completion that are issued can be emailed upon request, once the full driver education program is completed. Fast Track Driving Academy can also give the Road Skills Test once the student has completed the classroom, the behind-the-wheel portion, and has met all the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Motor Vechiles. If you choose to goto the DMV to take your test, we strongly recommend you wait to schedule your driving appointment once you have your certificate in hand. Remember to keep the original copy of your certificate for the Department of Driver Services and for insurance purposes. There is a $10 fee if you need your certificate reissued.

Apply at Fast Track Academy

Now hiring instructors! Applicants must display patience and good verbal skills to instruct new drivers of all ages, and have zero infractions on their valid LA license. A background in education is preferred but not mandatory.

Now hiring office personnel! The position involves managing high volume phone calls, daily email correspondence, managing schedules in multiple areas of the state, competently filling out state documents, and several other tasks. This person must be able to multi-task, have exceptional communication skills, be responsible, and display a good work ethic.

Apply today! Contact us at info@fasttrackdrivingacademy.com